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She looked upon the sky, and saw the dark, thick clouds covering the Sun. The day almost turned into night. 
And then, She knew: it's time!

It was time to let go the darkness from her soul, the only "colour" she knew from the beginning, and to come into the Light. 
She decided that she was no longer a hostage of her demons, the children of the night that she created; her children.

- It is time, my precious ones. I will go into the Light, where I was created. I was created from the Light, than I created the darkness, the place that became my home, and where I created you. I contested the Creator, I contested the Light, and I want it to be destroyed.

I contested the Creator, so I created the Night. I became a creator too. But I wasn't happy. 
Than You came, one after another. I loved you, but still wasn't happy. And what could an unhappy mother create? Her own unhappiness: Fear, Fury, Guilt, Shame, Hate, Grudge, Lies, Illusion and Attachments. You, my children, in various forms and combinations. I created more and more darkness, thinking that I could cover the Light; cover Him.

Once in a while, The Creator was begging me to come home, to come into the Light. But I refused Him. I was too proud to admit that I was suffering for my decision, and that I miss Him so much!
Instead, I continued to contest Him. I have learned you to contest and to hate Him too. But now, it's time to tell you something: HE IS YOUR FATHER! You are no longer just the children of the night, but of the Light too! Your Mother is the Night, the Chaos, and your Father is the Light, GOD. You are in darkness only because I hided from you that the Light created you, also.
If He created the Light from the Chaos, I wanted to recreate the darkness from His Light.
Well, I was a creator, wasn't I? 
If He created Heaven, well, I created the Hell, and populated it with you, my children. 

I was proud of my work, but so unhappy. 
He kept calling me, but I pretended I didn't heard His voice.

You, my children, did your best to chase away the Light, the Joy, the Happiness, the Love and God himself from people. You were good, very good in bringing chaos in people's heart and souls. So good, that you created the Mind and the Ego. I was so proud!

But then, I realized the obvious: ALL THAT I CREATED, WAS PERMITTED BY HIM! 
None of my creations could have survived without His permission! Why? Because He is THE FATHER OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS!
He permitted the darkness so the people could observe and choose Light! 
I was a creator with His permission. I WAS CREATED BY THE CREATOR!

So, my precious, you all are Creator's creatures! You are God's children. And mine

Now, I know that, I accept that, and I heard His calling. I am going into the Light. You can come with me, or you can remain here, in the Dark. Now I know who I am!

- We will not let you go! Here is the storm we created, and you cannot leave us. We're your creations.
- Yes, I know that you are my creations, my precious, and what you create, is also me! So... this storm, or any other... is me! I AM THE STORM! I AM YOU! BUT I AM GOD, TOO! So, the storm and all of you... are GOD!

I am this storm, or any other that will come, I am every earthquake, or hurricane. And all of these are God Himself. So, clouds, you can leave now! 
I am The Sun, I am The Moon. I am Eternal.


Bless You All!


dr. Edith Kadar 
Arad, 03 mai 2016

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